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Sunday, May 17, 2009

1 year and 1 week

Saturday, May 16th. This was the plan...

~Family Pictures at 9am.
~Lunch to celebrate Mother's Day with my family since my parents were out of town on Mothers Day.
~Leave the kids with my parents when we left Papasitos (lunch).
~Go out with my husband to celebrate our anniversary, which was May 10th.

Well, we woke up early to get pictures made and the sky was dreary and rain was pinging on the windows. We looked at the forecast, not good. So I called Charlya and we decided to reschedule. I was bummed. But, we hung out at the house for a bit, waiting until it was time to meet the fam at 11am. I fell asleep on the couch and my sweet husband bathed both kids and got them dressed while I slept. :) It's the little things that make me love him so.

Anyway, after packing overnight bags for both boys (which is really involved when one is a 6 month old who needs 400 changes of clothes and formula AND first and second foods and diapers and... you get the idea) we headed out to meet my family for lunch at Papasitos.

We were celebrating a late Mother's Day since my parents went on a train trip to New York for 10 days or something, during which, Mother's Day occured. Gifts, food, and lots of laughter later, we left the boys and all their packed stuff with my fabulous babysitters/parents and we went home. First order of business without 2 kids? A nap. A long, warm, cuddly nap. It was soooo good. We slept until almost 4, lol. After naptime, I took a hot bubble bath and read a book and then got dressed to go out.

Scott and I were married 1 year on May 10th. However, since my parents were out of town that day and are my only babysitters... we didn't go out and celebrate. I did, however, pick up sushi that night (our ACTUALLY anniversary) from our favorite sushi place, Awaji. It was soooo good. We drank the gift Scott got me, the shiraz we served at our wedding, and munched on mamasan rolls. It was delightful. :)

Saturday. The Plan:

Anyway, back to Saturday the 16th... Scott and I originally planned on going to dinner, but we were both so stuffed from lunch that we didn't bother. After getting dressed, we headed off to the balcony club. I love the balcony club. I had my first chocolate martini there. It's a little bar above the Lakewood Theatre. It's small and a narrow space that's kept really dark save for the dimly lit sconces on the wall.

See? There it is.

We slid into a booth, both on the same side so we could face the band and front of the bar. There was a band playing when we got there that gave way to a VERY enjoyable jazz band around 9:30pm. We just sat and talked and listened and people-watched. Scott drank his crown and I nursed a chocolate martini that had an abnormally strong kick. I had such a good time just sitting with my head on his shoulder and listening to the band and letting my thoughts float aimlessly in my head.

We left there and as we walked to our car, Scott looked in the door of some bar that's directly below the balcony club and saw a friend of his. We stopped in, had a drink with Dan, listened to him sing Mellow Yellow kareoke, and then we were on our way. Next stop... Fox and Hound. It was late, by this time, so we ordered some food then played pool. Well, I didn't play, I just plain sucked. Which is frustrating, since I played pool damn near every day for several years, but whatever! :)

Several games of pool lost by me, dinner, and several more drinks later, it was after 1am. Time to go home. We fell into bed practically giddy that we didn't have to wake up or get out of bed until WE wanted to... not when one of the boys needed us. That was a relaxing feeling. Not having responsibilites is so very relieving from time to time. :)

We took our time getting up Sunday. I was excited to see my boys, though, and Scott wanted to watch the basketball game, so we went to Starbucks and then went to pickup my guys! Scott watched the game with my dad and then we all played wii.

What a great weekend! I had lots of fun. I need to date my husband more often.

So we survived our first year as man and wife. They say the first year is the hardest. Throw in a pregnancy (i.e. hormonal and crazy wife) and sleep deprieved life with newborn in that first year and... well, that just ain't easy. I won't pretend every second has been a picnic, lol. But I WILL say that my life has been made better in ways I didn't know possible by the man who gave me his last name.

I love you, Scott Durbin. One down, forever to go.

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Carol said...

I'm so glad the two of you were able to take time to enjoy one another. We loved having alone time with the boys.

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