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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All-in-all a great day!

I got my camera today!! After, of course, I called the place where I bought it and sat on hold for more than 20 minutes because it was 5 days late getting to me. UGH! I was slightly unhappy when I FINALLY got someone on the phone. But.. camera's here and working so whatev. I can't wait to play with it. I'm sure I'll have a ZILLION more pics to share in the coming weeks. I'm so excited! It'll be nice not to have a cheesey little digital that's blurry half the time and so delayed that it misses the shot I want. :D

I had dinner with my best friend tonight. It was nice to sit and have girl talk. Kids, family, money, hair, diets, husbands, houses, moving, inlaws, death, siblings,fond memories, crazy nights... all topics we visited in our short 2 and a half hour update. Good times.

Trenton's field day is this Friday. And I volunteered to be a part of it. Why? I dunno. Lol, it'll be fun, I'm sure. And he was excited for me to do it. But... screaming kids and summer heat? Hmmm. But, I won't have the opportunity to do this for him every year, so I'm going to take advantage. Screaming kids or not. :)

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