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Friday, May 08, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Not pretty. The title is a LIE!!

I burned in the tanning bed. :/ My eyelids are literally pink (no I don't wear the goggles) and that area between my boobs is like fire. Yeah, I said that. Boobs. Owwwww! It's like a cherry red runway of pain up the middle of my chest. Stupid bed of UV rays that I pay to fry myself in! I think that area is super sensitive because I normally have on a bra that's pushing the girls together, thus protecting the alley of cleavage. Normal sun doesn't ever reach that valley.


It sucks to get old and have to TRY to be cute. Booo.


The Barbers said...

YOu went the full 15 didn't you? Dude... 8 minutes... 8 minutes....


KRiSTiN said...

NO! I only went 7 minutes!!

I'm Irish, what can I say? Pasty don't go away easily. :)

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