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Thursday, May 07, 2009

6 months ago today...

I was less than a day into being a mother of 2.

I remember I was watching the Chappel Show while Scott slept in a nearby chair when they came in and told me it was time to pop this baby out.

I remember that I had to wait for the doctor, but as soon as she got her gloves down there, I pushed once and it was done. I was ready to not be pregnant anymore, lol.

I remember that Carter was so very alert. Quiet but absolutely wide-eyed, just taking in the world.

I saw Scott in him instanly. Carter had this look. This furrowed brow look. Tiny Scott. It was incredible, really.

I can remember thinking that his skin was so clear and pink right after he was born. None of those baby skin problems.

I remember how small he looked while Scott held him and how amazement looked on new Daddy's face.

Scott's dad was the first person to come see us in the hospital. He said thank you to me. Just thanks. For his first Durbin grandson. It was incredibly sweet.

I can't believe the first day of Carter's life was 6 whole months ago. How can that possibly be?! And in another blink, his first birthday. ::Sigh:: Why can't they grow up and fullfill their dreams and potential AND stay my snuggly little men at the same time?

It's weird to know that in 1 year and 2 years and 5 years, I'm going to think back on these days and wish I could revisit them. That I'm going to long for the cooing, babbling little baby who just wants to be held and smile at me. How do you fully appreciate that?

I can honestly say that at this moment, I am completely and totally glad to be at home with my baby every single day and that I get to spend half the day with both my boys. Regardless of the sacrafices we may have to make, it's worth it to me. I can't even count the smiles and laughter that I would have missed in the last month, had I been at work.

So, thank you, God, for my healthy little boys and the opportunity you've given me to fully appreciate them.

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