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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sometimes I cuss and say inappropriate things. It's just how I roll. :)

I am proud of my blog. Not because I think that I have anything of value to say. But because, in general, I'll say anything. As long as it's not overtly hurtful, I like to think I'm openly honest. In blogs anyway. That, however, has become less the case as far as this blog is concerned. I have become censored. I find myself acutely aware of who's reading this. I don't want to be an audience specific blog. This blog is for ME! MY journal of MY life. If it entertains someone and they choose to read it, great. Enjoy yourself. But no more watered down people-pleasing blogs. If I want to say "shit", then I will say "shit". This is my blog and I say "shit". It's just plain lying to edit myself for the sake of my public. :)

So. There it is. That's all really. I have nothing to say.. per usual. I just wanted to impress upon my fans that should I one day decide that I DO have something to say. I'm going to say it and not just think to myself, "Wow, that would be a great blog". I may even make some stuff up. Who knows?! I don't. And you don't either. TMZ does it. Who doesn't want to be just like TMZ?! :/

Whew! Now that that's off my chest, I'm going to get all up in some online monopoly. Don't hate on me for livin' the good life, peeps.


The Barbers said...

Shit, I appreciate your honesty. LOL

KRiSTiN said...

Lol!! Oh how I miss you, Mrs. Barber!

Stephanie Warner said...

Right on girl!

Alyssa said...

That is funny!! Maybe I will get up the guts and cuss on my blog too one day!! :-)

Carol said...

What the hell are you thinking? You know damn well that you were raised better than to cuss.

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