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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!!

I'm snotty and my throat hurts. Ugh. Stupid allergies. :/

What a great weekend. It was completely unproductive, but nice. Friday afternoon/evening, we all went for a walk around the neighborhood. We brought the football and basketball and ended up playing until Trenton's dad called to find out where we were because he was at our house to pick up Trenton. Opps. So back we went, sweaty and smelling like old feet.

Saturday we did nothing. We just bummed around the house. Scott and I played some heads up poker for a couple hours and I lost 28 bucks to him. Grrr! Then he watched the Laker game and that was about it, lol.

Sunday, Scott, Carter and I went to some friends house and hung out by the pool with them (Amy and Keith) and Dave and Jenn and their adorable daughter, Mia. It was such a relaxing day. Hanging out, playing beanbag toss, playing with the kids, etc. The weather was GREAT. Perfect Sunday.

Monday afternoon, after hanging out and playing online monopoly in the morning, we picniced... in our own backyard. It was nice. I packed our lunch, some classy ham and cheese sandwiches (lol) and chips and some green tea. I have a great picnic basket that I've now used twice in 4 years. ::Rolls eyes:: Anyway, we sat and ate and I read and Scott played guitar and Trenton played in the slip n' slide and ate canalope... we were out there for a little more than 4 hours just... chillin'. :)

1 comment:

Charlya said...

So good to see you guys so happy! And I know you are loving that new camera :)

Oh and to comment on Monday's post...sometimes no other word fits but SHIT!

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