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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ignore me. No really. I prefer that. :/

There's nothing like being appreciated. Not that I would know. Because I don't have a job, but I'm not officially a housewife. So basically I get the respect of a jobless idiot with the occasional smartass remark about it coupled with the neverending demands of a stay-at-home mom.

After spending the day cleaning, dusting, vaccuming, getting some laundry done, cleaning all the glass downstairs including mirrors and tables, ripping the cushions off the couch and vaccuming them and under them, picking up toys, feeding a baby, entertaining a fussy baby, giving a baby 3 baths after he shit himself and his clothes over and over again, changing the baby every hour and a half, going to pick up Trenton at school, sorting through clothes that can no longer be worn by my kids, thawed, seasoned, and made the ground turkey patties for dinner, cleaning out the buffet drawers with had become a junk drawer haven, and spending about 2 hours online looking for job leads, my husband came home.

Did I get a "thank you" or "the house looks nice"? Nope. I didn't even get silence. No acknowledgement would have been better. I got a "what happened in there?" question with attitude about the stuff I pulled out of the drawers of the buffet and hadn't thrown away or put away yet.

I still don't feel great (been feeling sick the last couple of days) and I didn't even get a shower today, but literally the first thing that's thrown at me when he walks in the door is a complaint. Not even "Hi".

But I don't have feelings. Otherwise, they'd be really hurt.

**UPDATE: It would be wrong of me if I didn't tell you that I got an apology about 2 hours after I wrote this. A sincere apology, too. And PERHAPS I was slightly oversensitive being as tired as I was and getting over the funk I was feeling due to my allergies. So anyway... not mad anymore. But I WAS! More hurt. Because I hate to clean. So I like it to be appreciated. :) **


Alyssa said...

I totally feel you!! Hope you get to feeling better :-)

Stephanie Warner said...

Ohhhh...I know this feeling my friend. It is so hard trying to take care of a kid and a house in one day. Keep your head up....you are a fantastic wife and mommy.

The Barbers said...

I appreciate you and your bitchiness! LOL

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