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Friday, May 01, 2009

The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

I have a couple of things I'd like to share. Some very talented friends of mine have their own businesses. Since I think they are super crafty and inventive, I wanted to share their genius with the rest of my friends! :)

For all kinds of adorable handmade boutique type items for kids, check out my friend Brooke's website. SOOOO many cute things and surprisingly reasonable prices!! I am so very impressed with her skills! Check it out and share it with YOUR friends, please.

Chasing Butterflies

And for those of you who are, or who know a pregnant woman or someone who just had a baby, there's my friend Stephanie's new business. Let me just say that my mom came to my house while I was in the hospital with Carter and cleaned it and it was the most FABULOUS feeling. To come home and to be able to just relax with my tiny, new little guy and not have to worry about the reality of chores. It was a true blessing. And Steph is providing that same service to moms everywhere!! Such a great idea!! She has several packages available and one even includes DINNER!!

Pampered Prego

Check out my super talented and genius friends. And pass it around. I would appreciate it. It's a nice thing to do. :)

I am doing my own thing. Well, 2 of my own things, but more on that later. I am still building. :)

Happy Friday!!! Oh, and look at my new signature that automatically appears on all my blog posts (below in black)!! I am an HTML Einstein. Not really. But I like to pretend.


Stephanie Warner said...

You are amazing girl! Thank you sooooo much. I really appreciate you spreading the word for me! I can't wait to see what new adventure you have in store for all of us. Whatever it is, I am sure it will be fantastic and successful.

ps....I like the new signature. It is true AWESOMENESS!

S. Brook Bell said...

You are too sweet!!!!! Can't wait to see what you have going on!!! Let me know if you want to get together :)

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