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Sunday, May 03, 2009

I love a rainy night!

I am sooo very tired. I was literally awake all night last night. No, I didn't fall asleep and then wake up... I was awake when Carter went to bed at 8pm Saturday night and I was fully awake until he started stirring at 6:20am this morning. I sat in bed and watched "A Haunting" and a "Dead like Me" rerun (I LOVE that show and am PISSED they cancelled it). Then I came downstairs and researched and played scrabble and just screwed around. It was rainy and fabulous. I loved it. I sat on the backporch for awhile and just listened at watched while wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, but I was afraid a flood might come and sweep me away, so I came back in.

About 4am the loudest crack of thunder I'd ever heard boomed in the sky and then lingered like a growl while the picture frames and display plates rattled in the room I was in. It sounded like an explosion in our fromt yard. Car alarms and dogs whimpering could be heard in it's wake. It scared the CRAP outta me. I was playing scrable online and was taken by such surprise that I jumped out of my chair and stubbed my toe on the desk, LOL.

Carter woke up a bit after 6am and I went back upstairs. He greeted me with his morning grin (he is such a morning baby) and we went into my room and played in bed next to a sleeping Daddy until Carter decided he NEEDED to play with the bright colors on the shirt daddy was wearing. Daddy woke up and we all played and then tried to catch a little nap. Daddy eventually took Carter downstairs around 8 or so (?) and I FINALLY went to sleep until about noon.

I woke up and went to the grocery store, but other than that, the day has been completely unproductive. Trenton will be home from his dad's in a couple of hours and the weekend will end with the list of "to dos" the same length it was at the beginning. But that's ok. My family will all be here and Scott and I might even have time for the movie we've been wanting to watch all week, but haven't been able to for one reason or another.

May is going to be BUSY. My parent's THIRTY YEAR anniversary is May 4th. Mother's Day is May 10th. My wedding anniversary is May 10th, but my parents are out of town on a train trip, so we'll have to celebrate later in the month. I volunteered to help with Trenton's field day at school on May 15th and I may be helping with a field trip next week, I'm not sure. May 16th we are getting pictures taken because Carter will be 6 months old on May 7th and Trenton will be 6 in June and I get his picture made around that time every year. May 30th my mother and I are doing a garage sale thing and I was thinking about having a gathering at the casa. Drinks and poker kinda thing, but we'll see.

Life is crazy about now. I am still job searching. I have found anything worth having yet, although the Palm Beach Tan Manager position did have free tanning. We'll see what happens. :)

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