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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sleep ='s Happiness

I was in bed and asleep last night at 8:30pm. Scott and I have been trying to watch this movie "Role Models", for almost a week, but there's always something preventing us from doing so. So I was lying on the couch last night after the boys went to bed and I was trying to stay awake so we could watch this movie. However, after dozing off twice, Scott sent me to bed. I pulled myself off the couch and gladly threw myself into bed and wrapped myself in a fluffy cocoon and that's all she wrote. I woke up a little after 7am. Man, I feel much better. :)

Carter's 6 month appointment was yesterday at 4:15pm. 75% for hieght, 75% for weight, and his head is 50%. We talked about develpoment (Carter is developing much quicker than average babies) and swine flu (yes, I asked about it) and about how it's time to babyproof everything. I swear, I love Dr. Katz. He went through the whole thing with me and then before he left, he asked Trenton if he had any questions (Trenton had been at Carter's side and was obviously a concerned big brother). Trenton quickly perked up and used his grown up voice to ask why Carter throws up (spits up) and is he sick? It was adorable. Dr. Katz told him that it's just something babies do sometimes and that he isn't sick but that he should keep a lose eye on Carter and to let the doctor know if he starts throwing up lots. With a wink and a smile for me and a handshake for Trenton, he left. Then it was shot time. :( After the trama of shots, Trenton got to go pick a toy for Carter. A tiny turtle. And we went home and I made waffles and eggs and fruit for dinner. Ok, I didn't MAKE the fruit, but I did wash it off like a pro!

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