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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What ever happened to Rainbow Brite, anyway?

I lost some of my blog links. Sooo, if you're name isn't on the link list to the right and you know I normally read your blog, send me the link again.. ::ahem, Sarah,::

Trenton told me that he officially has a girlfriend. He's 5. ::Sigh:: THEN I had to explain to him why she couldn't come over and have a sleep over. "But I just wanna play".. was his argument. In my head I was thinking, yeah, that will forever be the problem in one way or another. Ugh. We settled on she can come over and play if her mommy will let her and she can come to his birthday party in June. It's kindergarten, geez!! In kindergarten I was trying to convince my friends that I WAS a mermaid that swam in Lake Ray Hubbard at night and drawing Rainbow Brite on everything. I'll have to put the "mom eye" on her at his party.

Speaking of which, I'm planning a birthday party for 6 year old in June. I think we're just going to have it at the house. I'll rent a waterslide (I did that when he turned 4 and he LOVED it) and we'll set up the slip n' slide thing and maybe we'll make a bunch of water ballons or something. Cake, Ice cream, thanks and go home. Lol. Birthday parties wear me out. At least I'm not pregnant this year. What a beating THAT was.

I miss you friends!


me said...

I think you deleted my blog link in your "lack of sleep" stooper you took the other night. You saw Ashe and freaked out. That or a laundry basket...I know what those things can do. As requested, here is my blog link:


me said...

I totally forgot to comment on Rainbow Brite! I loved her as well. Her orange yarn hair is so classy. I actually have thought about being Rainbow Brite for Halloween...adult style...you know what I'm say. Owwww!

Make sure you give that little girl the mommy stink eye. I remeber the designs I had on Jonathan when I was in kindergarden.

KRiSTiN said...

I MAY have gotten my first tongue kiss in kindergarten from Josh Wesley. Thus, my worry.

I wanna be Rainbow Brite and make Scott be that fuzzy white thing that was her friend, LOL.

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