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Sunday, June 07, 2009


Why didn't my pregnancy go by this quickly?!

Carter is 7 months old today. Sitting up, playing and entertaining himself, eating big boy food (kinds, lol), on the verge of crawling...

My boys are growing up WAY too fast. Slow down guys. Mommy has a hard time with that. :)

I took this video of him playing today. Skip ahead to about 2 minutes in. He was just sitting there playing and laughing at his rattle. He's so funny.

We celebrated this day by... doing nothing. :) Well, that's a lie. I fell down the stairs first thing this morning and Scott dislocated his shoulder during a flag football practice. Hurray for ridiculous injuries! But our aching pain and soreness did nothing to stop our kisses and snuggles with our little guy.

Another month closer to 1 year old. I guess we're also another month closer to learning the word "no", starting kindergarten, having girlfriends, getting a drivers license, SATs, moving out, going to college, getting married, and having kids of his own...

I need a drink. And I suddenly feel like I need botox...


snpdragn said...

Holy shit. He's aged tons since I saw him.
He looks. so. much. like. Scott.

Holy moly.
He's adorable.

KRiSTiN said...

He's Scott's friggin' clone. I don't think I was required to be there at all. I'm just his incubator. :/

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