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Friday, June 05, 2009


Trenton is officially a First Grader. He's such a big boy. We took him to Chuck E. Cheese last night to celebrate. He'll be with his daddy tonight, so we couldn't party after his actual last day.

Today, when he got home from school (my dad picked him up because I had a job interview), I took his picture with all his school things. ::Sigh:: He's such a big boy. I can't get over it. He can read and do math and write... makes me kinda sad, but SUPER proud.

Then I gave him the gift I'd gotten him. Little stuff. But it was a congratulations and an I love you. :O) He was most impressed with the silly putty. Specifically, it's ability to copy pencil and newspaper markings.

I still remember his first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday. Mostly because I was so overcome with sadness that he was growing up... partly because I was big and gross and pregnant and literally fell down in front of a skinny little hooker in a cheerleader uniform.

Okay. First grade. Will he still call me "mommy"? Will he still be excited to see me when I pick him up? Will his math homework be too hard for me to help him with?! Ahhhh! I need a nap now. :/

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