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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My White Flag

I'm going to sell my new camera. I love it. Truly love it. But I can't use it to take pictures of my family because my husband gets so aggitated and makes the process untolerable. I'm not going to subject myself to his constant complaints and snapping at me when all I want is pictures of my family and my kids. Apparently, wanting pictures to preserve my memories makes me a bad person.

So we took our last family pictures in March. Scott won't be included from now on since he hates it so much. It's too hard for him to just shutup and sit there. I'll go pay to have someone take MY pictures with the boys.

Anyway, so there's no point in keeping my camera. I should just let it go. So if anyone knows someone who wants it, I posted an ad on craigslist last night.


The pictures I DID get of the boys (I just completely quit trying to involve Scott, which still didn't quiet his complaints) are here.

I felt rushed and like I was asking too much for wanting to take them, so they aren't very good. I needed to adjust the lighting, but the impatience of others made that impossible. I wanted pictures of all four of us. We were all dressed for it and I curled my hair and everything. It's just so very disappointing. Now I have to go spend money I don't have to have decent pictures taken anyway.

This is a bitchfest, I know. I'm just so pissed that the simple desire to have pictures of my kids and my family for the BRIEF time that the boys are little is made into such a battle every.single.time. Having pictures taken is so very normal for families. Other families. I have spent thousands of dollars (Me, because that expense is NEVER shared) to still frame the people I love so I can look back on it in 1, 5, and 20 years.

But this is too hard. I can't deal with the attitude or constant snide comments. I give up.


Nicole said...

Oh no! That's so sad... Couldn't you keep the camera, and just take the pictures without including Scott? And that's a really sweet camera! I so wish I could afford to buy it from you... (but *sigh* no moolah...)

Stephanie Warner said...

oh girl.........how I feel ya. I too LOVE pics of the boys, BUT my husband thinks they are a huge waste of money (that we don't have.) He says the same type things. I went to Kiddie Kandids (at Babies R Us) for all of Landry's pics. But, now that times are even harder than they were then, poor little Gavin hardly ever gets pics made. The last ones I had done (6 months) I snuck out and did them without telling him. Then, of course when I finally showed him how adorable our little boy was....what was the first thing said, "HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND ON THOSE?" *sigh* I give up also.
ps....I am currently looking and interviewing for a full time job. I can't take the struggle and madness of not having money any longer! :(

KRiSTiN said...

I feel you Steph. It's so unfair. Good luck in finding a job!

me said...

i think you should keep the camera and sell Scott.

KRiSTiN said...

I should have an "All Sales FINAL" sale and sell Scott and my fat clothes. Nudity would be motivating to lost weight, I think.

Charlya said...

DONT sell your camera! You will regret it! Take that Craigslist post down now!

S. Brook Bell said...

Well, you can still take my girls pic with my cheap little sony camera!!! I would love to have your camera.....Jer says I am a tourist in my own home!!! Who freaking cares!!! I like pictures!! We can have a group garage sale....fat clothes...husbands....cameras....(will their be cake and margaritas?) :)

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