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Monday, June 01, 2009

I've created a monster. An ADORABLE monster.

After feeding Carter this morning, I grabbed his bouncy chair and sat it in the bathroom so I could take a shower. Because I like to smell nice. Or at least not bad. You're welcome. Anyway, Carter was all smiles. Giggling and laughing... until I closed the shower curtain.

Holy Shit.

That child screamed and cried like someone had punched him in the face or stolen his bottle and drank it in front of him. I have NEVER heard him throw a fit like that. It scared me. I honestly thought he might be sick or hurt.

So I jumped out (try not to visulaize it) and picked him up. All smiles again. Hmmm. Ok. So I got back in the shower. I'll be damned if that child didn't start wailing again. I talked and sang and peeped out at him during the whole shower. He wasn't satisfied unless he could see ALL of me and only then after I held him for a bit.

When I tried to get dressed, same thing. Total fit.

When I put him in front of Baby Einstein so (God Forbid!) I could go pee, another fit.

My Dad came over to watch him so I could go on a job interview. Carter was fine until he lost sight of me when I went upstairs.

I fear he's become too attached to mommy for his own good. And it's no picnic for me, either. I love that little toot. But dang, I occasionally need a moment to pee or eat or just not be drooled on.

Apparently, this is a normal age for "seperation anxiety", but Trenton never did this, so I was a bit shocked. Trenton loved everyone and never cared when I left him somewhere. School, Nana and Popaw's, anywhere, he didn't care. I was at a mechanic one day getting my oil changed when Trenton (18 months or maybe 2) walked up to a total stranger, an old guy in a cowboy hat, and lifted his arms to be picked up. Trenton's never met a stranger and he loved everyone always. Lol. He still makes friends everywhere we go.

It's so funny how kids are different. Carter's much more of a mama's boy than Trenton EVER was. He sees my Dad once or twice a week and STILL looks at him cautiously EVERY TIME he comes over.

Part of me is flattered and LOVES that he loves me so much. The other part of me (which includes my bladder) just wants a break.

Those boys are so very different, but they sure love each other. Trenton is THE BEST big brother. Always willing to help and he's the first to try and soothe an upset Carter. And NO ONE makes Carter smile and laugh like his big brother. Carter watches Trenton with such intent and facination that it amuses me.

Ok, I should go to bed. A certain someone in diapers is going to want his mama in his line of sight first thing in the morning.

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