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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garage Sales are the DEVIL!!

I play Farm Town on Facebook alot. So my husband thinks it's funny that after yesterday's Garage sale, I have a glaring farmer's tan... or burn. Ouch. It hurts. Apparently, while sitting out there, one of my arms was in the sun. And the sun hates me, which it made obvious to the world by scorching my arm.

There were lots of "booths" there. Basically, if you wanted to sell, you bought a parking space in the parking lot of the school and set your stuff up in it. Neat deal, really. Plus, our space had empty spaces on both sides, so we spead out, lol. Cheating, yes, since most other people were packed like mules in their lined up spaces. But it worked for us. I sold almost everything I had out there.

As much as I was dreading it though, the garage sale itself wasn't that bad. My house is slightly less cluttered with stuff I don't need (including a giant sectional couch) and I have some cash in my pocket. And mom and I sat out there and people watched and talked, which was fun.

Highlights of the day?

~ Me having to yell at an unsupervised toddler who picked up a hand full of rocks and THREW THEM AT MY CAR. Watch your damn kids people. I get that kids do dumb stuff. All of them do occasionally. But it's kinda you JOB as a PARENT to be there to tell your not to do idiotic stuff. That's how they learn NOT to do those things. This kids just looked at me after I yelled at him and wandered off... STILL COMPLETELY UNSUPERVISED!!! I never even SAW this kid's (maybe 2 and a half or 3?) mother. Keep in mind, mass garage sale near an intersection. My car was parked ON THE ROAD and he was about 5 feet away. Not the safest thing in the universe. Ok, I'll stop. The whole thing just pissed me off. Idiot kid. Not his fault since the parents are obviously even dumber.

~ The weird chick who wanted to chat and wouldn't go away. She didn't "get" emergency rooms. Or something. Odd. And she was wearing a Christmas tree cut out on her wrist. Which I didn't "get", but I didn't ask because I was afraid that she'd never leave, then.

~ The ice cream truck that came by around 1pm. Hurray for fudge bars!!

~ Me trying to set things up AND sell before the sale even started while mom obliviously marked her clothes and ignored my pleas for help, lol.

~ Mom having to regulate on some kid for picking a 4 foot tall inflatable punching guy I was selling and walking off with it.

After I got home, I got sick. Suburn maybe? Or the hotdog we bought up there for lunch? I dunno. I do know I threw up and was in a sleepy haze for the rest of the night.

Good times, but glad it's over.


Alyssa said...

Ha!! I totally get the whole letting your kids run free with no supervision. There was this kid in walmart who almost ran into me because he was not paying attention and running around being stupid. I wanted to trip him and ask him if his parents ever told him to not run inside!! And just to let you know, I get really nauseated when I get sunburned too!!

Carol said...

Okay, I was NOT obliviously marking things at the start of the day. I was oblivious the WHOLE day...except when we, the classy chics, were making fun of all the weirdos out there! And my feet are so sunburned I can't wear any shoes except the flip-flops I had on!

KRiSTiN said...

People who don't watch their kids ASTOUND me. At least pay attention so they don't get hurt or kidnapped. Geez! People are stupid. UGH!

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