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Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day came early!

Trenton is going to be spending the next week or so at his dad's house. So we celebrated Father's Day a little early.

A few days ago, while at Hobby Lobby, I picked up some foam coozies and some foam stickers and such. Then Trenton and I set about making Father's Day gifts. Trenton made one for Scott and one for my dad. Then Carter and I (*snicker*) made one for Scott.

It was fun and Trenton loved it!

Carter had food face and just watched.

Yesterday, we met my Dad at Peter Piper Pizza over by Firewheel and gave him his card and gift and let Trenton play. Over a thousand tickets later, we said goodbye and went to pick up Scott.

We picked Scott up (by surprise) at work. We took him out to eat. Sadly, Scott had a big lunch, so Trenton and I ate and Scott had a milkshake. When we got home, Trenton gave him the gifts from the boys.

Trenton wrote, "Thanks for being a Stepdad" on Scott's coozie. He ran out of room and had to leave out the word "great", like he'd originally planned on writing, lol.

I have another small gift for Scott and my Dad, but they'll have to wait for that. :) Enjoy your weekend, friends!!

1 comment:

Kristin Joy said...

Thanks for sharing cute pics.!! Trenton is sooo creative and talented. I love those Father's Day gifts.

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