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Monday, June 22, 2009

Here today, gone.. today

I showed up to work today. My first day. Also, my last day.

The job itself was PERFECT. I could have done it, alone, with little to no training. I was posting checks and recognizing and correcting discrepencies in accounting by 10am. My office was big. And pretty. And mine, lol. The people were great. Nice and polite and super friendly.

The problem?

When I went in to meet with the boss about my official salary... I was severely disappointed. His original offer (the one I failed to get in writing) was nowhere to be found. It was as if he'd spoken with someone over the weekend who told him that the job market is insane and he could pay WAY less than what he told me he would. So that's what he tried to do. I was just... floored. And heartbroken. And PISSED.

I talked to him about it after lunch (after I'd stewed on it awhile), even though I wanted to just leave. And he basically laughed in my face when I told him what I NEEDED to make. I wasn't being greedy, folks. And what I mentioned was substaincially less that what he originally told me I'd be making.

I'm honestly shocked. I've never been in a situation like that before. WTF?! So, I'm back at square one. Which is unsettling, especially after taking last week off of job searching since I thought I had a job. ::Sigh::

I refuse to be upset. I cried then entire ride home. So, I'm done being upset. Disappointed, yes. Upset, no, I can't be.


If anyone knows of anything, send it my way. Until then, I am planning a birthday party.

Oh. And can I just say, that my husband is THE most wonderful person in the world. After telling him what happened, he came home with 3 different bouquets of flowers for me and a card that said EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I don't know how he's remaining so calm, but I love him for it. He has, without a doubt, been my rock for the last few months.


Carol said...

Remember, it's all part of the plan. This obviously wasn't where you are supposed to be. And, yes, Scott is wonderful. God gave you the perfect mate to celebrate with and commiserate with. You'll be celebrating the right job soon.

Nicole said...

I can't believe that happened - so much for being such a perfect job, I suppose!! Wow... well, just hang in there... something will come along soon... in the meantime, just enjoy the additional time you now have with your kids.

KRiSTiN said...

I can't believe it happened either, lol. I FULLY intend on making the most of the additional gift of playtime with the boys. :)

me said...

I'm sad.

The Barbers said...

Ok, now I"m pissed

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