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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yo Queiro Something Normal

Wow. I just got back from the WEIRDEST job interview EVER!

Picture this...

Office above someone's garage. I pull up and they usher me into the house part of the house (as opposed to the seperated garage office space). The office staff (5 people), the company owner's mom, and the owner's 18 month old daughter sitting around a dinner table eating taco bell. All wearing running short and workout type attire.

That's where my interview took place.

At some point, the guy (husband of the owner) started talking about how his wife's pregnancy was the worst time of his life. I did very little talking during this interview.

At least they were polite and offered me a taco. :/

The funny thing is.. I like them, lol. They were hilarious.


Charlya said...

What kind of job was the interview for? REALLY weird...so did they offer mild, hot or medium sauce :)

me said...

ghat's Awesome! You have the best stories.

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