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Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Vibrations!

Hopefully, I'm not jinxing myself. I have a job interview Tuesday, tomorrow, at 10am. It kinda with the same company that didn't give the job I wanted a week or two ago. Not exactly, though. There were two companies. Partners really. Today, the guy from the OTHER company called me. He was involved in my original interview, being the owner of one of the partner companies, but it was the lady's company and her decision as far as hiring. Which is totally fine. But I was kinda hoping the person they chose would no-show on day one or something, lol.

But... THIS position is in HIS company. He basically called and went on and on about how impressed he was with my resume and personality. It was pretty flattering. And he threw in that it was more money than the other, so there's that, lol.

I don't know all the details on the position. We're supposed to talk about it tomorrow. I'm praying it's perfect and that it's mine. We'll see.

BTW, Trenton's birthday invites are in the mail. I'm a little late sending them out, but he's SUPER excited about his Ben 10 birthday, so come see us!! Waterslide, bounce house, popcorn machine, hot dogs... good times! Ummm, the envelope is black. Don't be scared. :)


Stephanie Warner said...

Good luck girl! I hope it all works out for you!

Alyssa said...

Good Luck on your interview!! Hope it works out for you. If not, I have something you might want to do from home :-)

me said...

You are in your interview right now...as I type this. I'm saying a little carnation power pray for you.

I want to see you soon!

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