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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.

As I rushed through Albertsons on Saturday morning, 5 hours before party time, a woman touched me softly on the shoulder and said, "You have beautiful hair." I was monumentally thankful for that woman. Not because my hair is beautiful. Because it isn't. It needs to be cut so badly it's horrific. But this kind stranger probably saw the immense stress that I was feeling on my face and decided to bestow a random compliment upon me. I genuinely felt better. Still crazy stressed, but better.

Why was I stressed? I'll give you my top reasons for the near meltdown I was seconds from all day...

1. The bounce house/ inflatable waterslide people were supposed to be there at noon to set up for our 2pm party. They showed at 1:30pm.

2. I couldn't fit all the balloons I ordered and paid for in my car. It required multiple trips and I hadn't even started decorating at that point (2.5 hours from party time).

3. I got RSVP's for people saying they were attending the DAY OF. Are you kidding? Oh my RUDE! :/ UGH!


I'd say, that Trenton's birthday was a success. We had it at our house this year. I rented a bounce house, a waterslide, and a popcorn machine and we just let the kids go wild. We grilled hot dogs and had an AWESOME cake (custom made by my friend Laura). The turn out was fabulous. Lots of kids for Trenton to play with. Even his "girlfriend" Alyssa came. He was so excited, lol.

I had a kiddie pool for the babies who wanted to swim..

Carter wasn't one of them, lol.

We basically let the kids just wear themselves out. The party started at 2pm and the kids had to be practically DRAGGED inside at 3:30 for cake and presents. Lol

A 2 hour party became a 5 hour party, but that's ok. I finally subtley started kicking people out, lol. I don't think a single child went away willingly. There was lots of crying when parents told there kids it was time to go. That sucks... but secretly, it's nice to have the party no one wants to leave. MUCH better than the alternative, lol. I was completely exhausted, but Trenton and his friends had a great time, so totally worth the stress involved in making it come together.

I got to hang out with my family, some friends I hadn't seen in awhile (Corey, Nicole, and Debbie GREAT to see you!) and I even made some new friends. Moms and Dads I hadn't met before that were fun to chat with. All-in-all, a great (exhausting) day. :)

Me and the man who probably wanted to slap me all day, lol. Love you!

Popaw and Carter observing

Scott & I with Richard & Ryan (my brother)

Me and Meow (Corey)

After everyone left, we gave Carter a balloon. OMG. He LOVED it. He was laughing so hard you couldn't help but laugh with him. I see lots of balloons in our future...


Anonymous said...

Btw, you look great - skinny wench.

KRiSTiN said...

girl, you crazy.

but i heart you.

(i say as i stuff my face with leftover b-day cake, lol)

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