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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6/30/2003 - Forever

Dear Trenton,

Where do I start? My baby boy. Chapter One of my adulthood. You have been the single greatest influence in my life. When you were born, my life changed in ways I'd never imagined. Born with you was my eternal and unconditional love for you. And suddenly, I had a purpose. You brought dimension into the flat, bland life I had. And you brought the surprising revelation that my life was flat and bland before you. :)

I am truly, TRULY blessed to have a son as sweet-natured, creative, and caring as you are. I pray that time doesn't erode the kindness in your soul. You are an amazing son and more than that, an amazing person. I am genuinely proud of who you are. You are the best big brother I have ever known. Carter is unbelieveably lucky. He'll realize that someday. He adores you and your love for him is just as obvious.

Thank you for making it easy on me. "It" being our time. We spent years together, just the two of us. A tiny family. But you were so easy. Not tempermental. No attitude. Just easy. Smiles and hugs and "I love you's". Which made the day-to-day easier. Enjoyable. Home was my haven... because of you. You have a good soul. A genuinely good heart. Always have. Thank God, for you. I mean that in the literal sense. Thank God. God sent His son to save me. Then He sent my own son and saved me again. I don't thank him enough for giving me my own tangible miracle.

My prayer and my wish for you, is that you are happy. Forever. I'd give anything, do anything, if I could ensure the rest of your life would be filled with fun, excitement, love, and happiness.

I love you immensely. Past, Present & Future. Today could never be just another day. It's not only the day you were born. It's the day my life began, too.

Happy Birthday, Trenton. I love you more than you could ever know.



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Carol said...

Great...now I have to go redo my eye makeup before heading off to work. Tear streaked mascara isn't the look I was going for this morning. Just know that God truly blessed us all the day Trenton was conceived...remember that smile on the sonogram? He has made all our lives richer and I can't even remember time BT (before Trenton). Happy Birthday, buddy. Nana loves you!!!

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