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Friday, July 03, 2009

Too much TV

I have a new love. Tv-wise.

Whale Wars. I thought it looked dumb when I saw the previews, but being sick has given me the opportunity to lay in bed and watch things I normally wouldn't.

I love it. First of all, the ship they follow is called th Steve Irwin. I took it hard when Steve died. I don't really know why. He was crazy. But he was passionate. I adored him.

Anyway, this show is greatness. They talk about Greenpeace sitting on their ass and doing nothing, which I think is hilarious. Reminds me of my PETA hatred. Don't defend PETA to me. Ever. They are good for nothing morons who are more violent and fucking ridiculous than any "organization" ever. Perhaps, if you back this group, you should do some research. Homework keeps you from supporting blazing idiots. Do I support animal rights? Yes. I'm a faux fur wearer. But these people aren't a responsible group with just that in mind.


Anyway, Whale Wars. Danger and drama and excitement. Cool.

Anyway, I'm sick. Painful sick. I had big white patches on my tonsils. Ew. I scraped them off. They were like rocks. After some research, I learned this was probably due to infection and they could be safely removed, so I did so. However, my tonsils are now swollen to the point of making it near impossible to swallow. I ache everywhere. Although, that's better than the incredible pain I felt everywhere in my body yesterday. Scott walked me upstairs and I couldn't help but cry. I hate being that sick.

Another tangent...

A Billy Mays commercial just came on. Billy filled the screen and said, "Billy Mays and I'm back again...."

Then the commercial cut off and went to something else. Creepy.

Anyway, We had a good week. Trenton turned 6 on Tuesday. I have pictures to upload of our day, but it's going to have to wait until I have more energy. All my pictures are on my desktop downstairs. Since I'm on Scott's laptop in my bedroom upstairs, that's a problem.

Hope you all have a happy fourth!!


Carol said...

Surely you realize that "big white patches" on your tonsils is like a BIG RED FLAG for strep throat???

KRiSTiN said...

I'm fully aware.

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