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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Trying to catch up...

Tuesday was Trenton's 6th birthday. During the day, while Scott was at work, we played in the yard with water balloons while Carter observed. Carter was unintentionally splashed when a balloon broke and he was none too happy about it. A bewildered look followed by "hold me" crying ensued. He regained his composure after I snuggled him enough to laugh as Trenton and I played.

Then we went outside and drew some more on the sidewalk with 3D chalk. He loves doing that. He's going to be an artist. :) For lunch, he got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (his FAVORITE thing to eat) with a candle in it. He LOVED that and was thrilled at the chance to blow out the candle again.

Anyway, during Carter's nap, he picked a movie and we made popcorn. Not microwave popcorn. Pot, kernals, and cooking oil style. He loved that. My pot has a see through glass lid and he giggled the whole time the kernals popped into the lid. Scott gets home around 4:15pm, so when he did, we gathered our things and went to dinner. Birthday boy gets to choose and he chose the elegant and rare treat of.... McDonalds. Okay, not elegant and rare, but he loves to play there with the other kids. He's VERY social. So we took him. He was so excited.

Scott, Carter and I sat at the table and just watched/listened to Trenton playing. Trenton makes friends instantly and everywhere. He knows no strangers. It unbelievable. I hope that part of him never changes. I tend to be shy around people I don't know. He certainly isn't. I wish I were more like that. Anyway, we sat until I decided it was time for ice cream. What's a birthday without ice cream?!

Carter REALLY wanted to share Trenton's ice cream, lol.

After ice cream, we went home and I put Carter to bed. Trenton got to stay up WAY past his bedtime and watch his cartoons. I don't normally let him sit in front of the tv for 2 hours straight, but it's what he wanted to do and it was a special occasion.

I think he had a good day. He told me it was his "best birthday ever", so hurray!! Granted, he's only had 6 parties and probably doesn't remember the first couple. Oh well. Happiness is happiness. And his makes ME happy.

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