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Monday, July 20, 2009


My favorite things about Carter right now...

1. His silly kisses. The slow lean and open drooly mouth... wouldn't be appealing from a boyfriend, but from a sweet 8 month old, it's fabulous.

2. Super tight hugs. True, sometimes he gripes my neck so hard it hurts, but his super tight hugs are perfection!

3. The lion roar. He got a new toy that makes animal sounds. When the lion roars, he roars. Ok, it sounds more like he clearing his throat, but he gets an adorable "A" for effort.

4. Tiny little teeth. I love those bottom buds! When his face lights up and that giant open mouthed smile shows those little buggers off, I just melt.

5. His wild hair. Carter's hair is long and most of the time, it's sticking up uncontrollably in every direction. He LOOKS like baby Einstein. Lol. I love it.

My favorite things about Trenton right now...

1. He is the BEST big brother in existence. He is so attentive and loving. All he wants to do is comfort and play with his little brother. And Trenton is Carter's favorite person, no question.

2. He says thing that are HILARIOUS and he has no idea. Things that are unintentional offensive or things he's picked up from TV or something. Scott and I are constantly laughing at something he's said.

3. He is sooo smart. We are working out of a book his kindergarten teacher sent home to keep his skills sharp over the summer. He picks up on things so quickly!! He loves to read and write and draw pictures. It's truly astounding how much he's learned!

4. Trenton can absolutely lose himself in his imagination. Whether we're playing "family" or he's imitating Ben10 aliens, he just escapes into his own world. Regardless of who maybe looking.

5. Trenton has a sweet heart and great character. He's a genuinely good kid. He's trustworthy and kind. He loves his friends and family. He hates to disappoint anyone.


The Barbers said...

a mom... in love... nothing better!!

Carol said...

I love your list, but no "favorite things about your hubby?"

KRiSTiN said...



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