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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pirates, Almost Jobs, & Scrubs...

Some girlfriends of mine are having a dinner cruise for their birthday in a couple of months. 3 hours sailing cruise. Oh, and it's PIRATE themed. Awesome!! Sadly, my parents, who are our only babysitters, are apparently going to be in Arizona according to the google calendar I share with my family. :(

I want to go! I may be hitting some of you up to babysit. Lol. I rarely get to go out and do stuff like THAT! Scott and I occasionally go to dinner or something like that, but we never go out and do dinner cruises. Plus, it's Amy's birthday and she's one of my best friends. We'll see. I'm going to try.

I find myself irritated. I went on a job interview. It went really well. Close by, great salary, jeans everyday, job responsibilities I'm accostomed to, growth potential, etc. And they loved me. The lady (and wife) of the president seemed to think I was a shoo in. And he really seemed impressed, too. And they were cool. Not upity or stuffy. Relaxed and laid back. People that would fun to work with. After a 15 minute interview turned into an hour, Mr. President had to leave for a lunch meeting. He asked if he could continue the interview via phone call. I, of course, said "sure!".

That was last Tuesday.

7:30pm SUNDAY night, my phone rang. I'd fallen asleep and it went to voicemail. When I woke up, it was too late (according to common sense) to call back. So I called back at 8:10am yesterday morning. Left a message. Called back at 10:00am. It went to voicemail and I hung up. Called back at 12:07pm. He answers. Says he really wants to talk to me, but is driving. Can he call me back in 15 minutes from his office. I, again, say "sure!".

I haven't heard from him.

So. Now I don't know if I should be taking the hint or if he's just dingy/forgetful/busy. Which sucks. Kinda.

Only kinda because I went to TWC Friday for a mandatory orientation. I like getting unemployment checks, so I decided to take "mandatory" seriously. I'm glad I did. They have a program where unemployed people can go back to school. Paid for by the government. Some sort of investment act. To boost the employment rate. Educate people, and they have a better chance of stability in the workforce. And they have a nursing program. Which I have wanted to do for awhile, but couldn't afford to not work AND pay for school. They have strict qualifications. If there are income restrictions, I won't qualify. We aren't destitute. So I'm hoping to show up tomorrow, take the test and get accepted. Then Scott and I can figure it out from there.

We'll see. One way or another, I hope to have some sort of good news soon. Either I'm going back to school, got a job, or getting to go on a dinner cruise, lol.


Stephanie Warner said...

Hit me up girl. What night is the dinner? If we don't have plans, I will take your kiddos. Just let me know!

Carol said...

Our Arizona plans are strictly tentative. Nothing has been planned...just said that if we are going that's the week it has to be done so I plugged in some random days. What night is the cruise?

KRiSTiN said...

Friday night.

Carol said...

I took AZ off the calendar because no one can seem to commit, so at this point I will say that we can keep the boys. is that Friday, Sept. 18? or Sept. 25?

Carol said...

Hey, call that guy back. Keep bugging him. Sounds like he is ADD. Remember, he called you first so he wants to talk with you.

KRiSTiN said...

I did. Several times. He hasn't returned my messages. He could have been calling to tell me they hired someone else. I don't know. I'm going to focus my attention elsewhere.

The Barbers said...

We'll take the boys.... when is it?

Call the main number back and tell her your dilemma and ask candidly what the deal is and tell her how interested you are!! Be your feisty YOU!

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