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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun and Firsts!!

I literally took about 350 pictures today. Well, this morning. What an insanely long (but fun) day. But let me back up.

Carter is almost 9 months old. That thought occured to me the other day and I was shocked. That's just madness!! He's going to be a year old soon. Holy crap! By the way, his birthday is on a Saturday, November 7th. That's party day. Mark it. No excuses. You're all getting forewarning. :)

Soooo, I just wanted to post some pictures of our day-to-day.

Carter's super mobile and pulling himself up on everything, so we got him a new toy to help him stand and play.... which, of course, he initially hated.

But he got used to it... even liked it. This is the toy he "roars" with.

Feeding time! Carter is messy. Trenton likes to be involved and talk to Carter while he eats. Eatin' time is serious. Seriously crazy.

My biscuit's gone!! ::Pouty face::

Ok, enough of that. So today was a family day. I decided I wanted to take the kids to the park and then go get Carter's very first hair cut.

Sooo, we went to McDonalds to pick up some lunch and then off to the park we went. It was nice and breezy so we ate lunch at a picnic table near the lake. Afterward, Trenton and I went to feed the ducks. Carter sat with Daddy in the shade most of the time. While we were feeding the ducks, a turtle... followed shortly by some of his turtle friends, popped his head up and started eating. Trenton stopped feeding the ducks. At that point, he was feeding the turtles.

After we fed the ducks... I mean turtles (lol), we went to play on the playground. Carter loved the swings, but he only played for a few minutes before we decided to get him out of the sun.

Trenton, however, had a blast. There weren't any other kids there, or I think he would have had even more fun. He makes friends everywhere. Anyway, he played for about 30 minutes before it got too hot and it was time to leave.

After I started sweating and smelling like feet, we got in the car and headed over to get Carter's hair cut. It was growing over his ears and kinda resembled a mullet in the back. Long hair is cute on babies when it's curly, but Carter's is stick straigt. And it sticks up EVERYWHERE in the back. He has weird cowlicks on both sides of his head (lol) so his long hair just stuck straight out on the sides... like wings gone wrong or something.

He HATED the scissors. He was seriously unhappy about getting his hair cut with scissors. He squirmed and wiggled all over the place. Then when Daddy held him down, he got mad and fussed at us. But when she pulled out the buzzer clipper thingy, it was all good. She let him touch the guard and he liked the vibration or something. He didn't so much as peep when she put that on his head.

The "Before" shot. (And his hair isn't even sticking up in this like it normally does.)


Apparently, lying him almost upsidedown and handing him a toy seemed to calm him a bit.

Oh, no, just kidding. Still hate scissors!!

The Magical Clipper

AAAAnnnnnnnndddd... DONE!


He was exhausted and starving by the time we left. Poor little man. Poor little HANDSOME man. :)

After that, we came home and cleaned everyone up. Then we headed out to Rockwall to redeem a coupon my parents had for a free photo session and portait that was only good today. On the way home, we took the scenic route of Scott's former life (he showed us where he used to live, go to school, shoplift candy, etc.). Then we stopped at DQ for ice cream before going home.

It was a pretty fabulous Saturday if I do say so myself.

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