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Monday, July 27, 2009

Social Silliness!

Sunday, Carter had a visitor! One his own (or close) age. Tristan Barber came to see us! Carter didn't know, but Tristan kept him company while Mommy was pregnant. Tristan's Mommy, Julie, worked with me and was pregnant at the same time I was. AND we sat about 5 feet from each other every day. Imagine the fun everyone around us had towards the end of that nightmare, LOL!! Anyway, they finally met in person.

Aside from the face grabbing/slapping, gripping and the ear pulling incident, it went well, lol. Tristan loves Baby Einstein apparently. He was facinated by the movie I had on in the background. What CUTIES they are!!

(By the way, it was good to see YOU, too, Julie. LOL!!)

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