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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My head must be sick...

Scott joined the Army without telling me. He got a phone call and it was apparently someone representing the Army informing him that he didn't have a choice in the matter. He hung up and told me he'd be leaving... in a couple of hours. I just left. The boys and I went to my parents house... before I asked him where he'd be going and when he'd be home. Calls to his cell went straight to voicemail... until FINALLY I got ahold of him. He told me he was on a train in Germany and that things were so terrible he was throwing up.

Ok. This was the dream I had last night, if you hadn't already figured that out. It gets crazier.

He won't tell me where he's going or when he'll be home. He tells me he'll be out of touch for awhile. He ends the call by telling me he hopes to see me in a couple of years. :(

So, I am now "living" with my parents because I have Trenton and Carter and Carter is little, like just-born little. My parents live in a combine or something with lots of other people. Similar to a hotel.

I have my own room (one room for me and the boys) and after Michael Scott from The Office came by to polish the floor with an industrial buffer, I looked at myself in the mirror. I noticed I was chubbier than usual. I instinctively knew I was pregnant. I went to the onsite hospital and they confirmed I was having... triplets. Great. Raising 5 kids with a husband who's off who knows where. OH! And I developed another set of boobs. So I looked like a cat. 4 boobs. ::Rolls Eyes::

Of course, I immediately look 9 months pregnant in my dream and now my parents live out in the country. I'm out in the field, working (lol, I know!!), when planes from overhead start dropping bombs on us! I am trying desperately to get the kids in the house (like that will save them) when the bombs hit the ground... and don't explode. Instead, there are red, helium balloons tied to each one.

I went inside and delivered ONE of the babies. A boy I named Dash. I don't know why.

Then, thankfully, I woke up. I woke up feeling really stressed, but soooo relieved it was all a dream. It sounds stupid, but damn... it felt so real...

I almost thought that I must be pregnant because of how crazy and vivid that dream was. ::Pats self on the back for getting the IUD::

1 comment:

Stephanie Warner said...

I would still go get a little stick to pee on if I were you.....that is some CRAZY PREGNANCY DREAMS right there! ;) ha.....j/k! Hope you are doing well. Are you coming to the GNO Pool Party next Saturday? (yes...yes!)

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