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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweat & Slobber

Holy CRAP! It is HOT! I am sweating like a criminal in a courtroom and I was only outside for 15 minutes. UGH! But, it was a good excuse to eat a popcicle.

Carter has another tooth coming in on the bottom. I love his one little tiny tooth, but it's about to have company. But he's not cranky. I use oragel occasionally, when I think about it, but he hasn't been fussy at all. He just chews on his thumb and keeps on being sweet and chubby.

I swear, that boy is trying to say things. He makes noise constantly. Squeals and hollers and things that sound like words but not really...

He's being stingy with his kisses today. Normally, I can pucker up at him and he gives me a kiss (an open mouthed placement of his lips on mine sometimes with his hands on the side of my face). Slobbery, but sweet. But he is refusing today. :( Maybe he's mad at me. No kisses for Mommy. I'll have to supplement with popcicles.

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