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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Final Days of Summer.

School starts Monday and I am OFFICIALLY ready for Fall. I love Autumn. My favorite season. Awesome weather, gorgeous colors, Halloween, the first hint of the holidays (Christmas and New Years). I'm hoping the change in my blog layout will spark an early season change. Think it'll work? Me neither.

Activities of last week included taking cookies we baked to Nana and Popaw's house on Monday, bowling on Tuesday, meeting Trenton's first grade teacher on Thursday, and going to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch and games today (Saturday).

Bowling left me with a NASTY blister on my right ankle. :( But Trenton had fun. Kinda. He's not going to be a professional bowler. He is more interested in bowling a couple of times and then going to the vending machine, lol.

Peter Piper Pizza was fun. It's like Chuck E. Cheese, only cleaner, less crowded and less screaming and obnoxious children. Seriously, I HATE those idiot parents who let their kids run wild and act like punks and do nothing. Watch your damn kids people. It's YOUR fault no one likes or wants to be around your children. Anyhoo, like I said, it was fun. We stayed a couple hours and then we were ready to go. Sadly, Scott had locked my keys in the car. We weren't going anywhere. Luckily, he called a friend to just happened to be driving nearby. Mr. Ron Frank picked Scott up and took him home. Scott grabbed my extra key and then came back for the three of us. What a beating. :)

Scott will figure this out while Trenton and I play.

Ok, now what?

Calling for help.

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