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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Flashback to Single Parenting...

How excited am I that my husband made me go to the store by myself to buy and carry this thing around...

Not at all. That thing is so big and bulky. When I asked for his help, he LITERALLY threw a fit. Stomped his foot and jerked his head around. Then yelled at Trenton to get dressed in his irritated, letting me know I'm a burden tone.

Because that would make it easier. To go spend time with someone who'd be pissed they were there the whole time. No. Forget that I'm at home all day with no adult conversation. Wanting to spend even a little time with a grown up is apparently, too tall of a request.

So I said, "fuck it", and went by myself. It took me forever. It was up on a shelf I couldn't reach. Then, it was too big to fit in the basket (FORGET carrying it). And apparently no one works at Babies R Us. I had other things to buy, so I scooted it across the store and put it up front. When I walked by later, it was gone. Another shopper told me someone else saw it and they sold it to her. So, back I went. And I had to push this thing through the store. There was only one left, so I had to have THIS one. When I finally paid for it, I had to carry it outside. Across the parking lot. Then it wouldn't fit in the car. The box is bulky and square. It's been almost 2 hours at this point. Have I mentioned this is the car seat that HE wanted. When I finally burst into tears, a stranger came over to help me lift it into my car. So thanks to that nice gentlemen.

It's nice that helping me with our son's heavy, bulky car seat was too much to ask from him, but going to play flag football with his friends when I got home was no problem. He has no money to spend on car seats or dates with his wife, but he had no problem heading up to Shiner Sunday as soon as I left the house this weekend. Which is fine. Why would I want to go out?!

I want to go on vacation from my life.


1 comment:

S. Brook Bell said...

I often have those flashbacks too....ain't life grand :)

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