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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sad tears make Mommy happy...

Yes. Trenton's tears made my day today. Reminds me of when my girlfriend, Sarah, told me, "I love it when babies cry!". She meant to say laugh. But she didn't. And we giggled. But this is different. Because I mean it. Trenton cried today and it made my heart melt in a warm and gooey way.

Carter had his 9 month check up today. We chatted with Dr. Katz about eating habits and teething and Dr. Katz and I started talking and both got the giggles. Trenton was sitting quietly then when we were done, he started asking questionss, too. About Carter's health. So cute. We bid Doc K farewell and then he sent the nurse in. Carter had to have his last of 3 Hep shot. Little man was sucking away on the bottle I'd given him. Trenton realized what was going on when he saw the needle and started whispering, "It's ok, Buddy." When the nurse stuck him, Carter's face turned all red and he yelped and cried for about 45 seconds. Then he went back to his bottle. Whew!! I turned to Trenton... who was wiping his eyes.

"Trenton!! What's wrong?!", I practically yelled, because I was so surprised. He told me it makes him sad when Carter's hurting because he loves his brother.


So I hugged him and showed him that Carter was fine and had probably already forgotten about it.

Trenton then told me that HE wouldn't forget, because he remembers when they "put the needle in my hand at the hospital". The IV the nurse gave me when I went into labor apparently scarred Trenton because he recounted every detail to me this morning.

Then he told me it hurt his feelings that the nurse hurt me with that needle and he couldn't protect me.

Awwwwww, again, right?!

What a sweetie. He is the BEST big brother ever. EVER!

So I took him to Denny's (he LOVES the "breakfast restaurant") for alien pancakes and then we finished up his back to school clothes shopping.

Later, I'm going to take him to Target and let him use a birthday gift card to get a new toy. I am so lucky to have such sweet little boys!!


me said...

awww, that is sweet! Trenton IS a good boy/brother/son.

btw- I had to wipe tears of laughter when I read my classic, "i love it when babies cry!" comment. I remember saying that and the look you gave me. I said it with such truth, that was the scary part. I swear I meant laughter.

S. Brook Bell said...

Isn't a child's love so innocent! I love it!!!

The Barbers said...

I am so behind on blogs but these are so darn cute. Scott..aslo, that silly, silly man.. after that post I doubt you will ever have to shop for large items again. unless of course, he never wants to close his eyes and sleep again.

Oh and SWEET Trenton. I love htat kid

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