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Monday, August 31, 2009

Tiger Cub

Trenton started cub scouts tonight. He's a Tiger Cub. He has been SO excited about it since I signed him up. He wants to go camping and climb rock walls and earn badges, lol. The night we signed up was also First Grade Information night at his school. We did the meeting with his classmates and teachers first, and then Scott walked Carter home to put him to bed, taking my purse beneath the stroller with him.

Therefore, at the end of the Cub Scout meeting, I couldn't pay the $5 membership dues or whatever. No big deal, they told me, I filled out his info and he got to sign up anyway. I didn't think about it again. I was more worried about the when and where of the meetings.

Scott took him to his meeting tonight, and based on how excited T was to go, I was excited for him to come home and tell me all about it. But when he got home, he was no longer excited. I couldn't figure it out. Until Scott gave me the story.

Apparently, they handed out the handkerchief that's part of the uniform tonight. To the kids who paid already. Trenton didn't get one. And they didn't take credit or debit cards. Scott had no cash. So there was nothing he could do. Trenton was upset. Which makes me so incredibly sad. :/

Other than that, I think he had fun. And I'll get him the damned handkerchief if it's the last thing I do. I think he was the only one who didn't get one tonight. And that just breaks my heart.


I did Jillian's workout 2 tonight. Mother of all things Holy. Sheesh. I did ok as far as eating today. I completely abandoned all healthy eating over the weekend. Not pretty. There were delicious oreos involved.

Today I ate protein bars for breakfast and lunch and then grilled chicken and black beans for dinner. Yum. I DID snack on the cotton candy that Popaw brought for Trenton, but only a tiny bit. :) I may not ever be as teeny as I used to be, but damn it, I'm going to be hot one day.

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