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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Along came a spider...

I'm already SUPER impressed with the new recruiter I have. She has more listings than ANYONE right now. And I've talked to LOTS of recruiters. I met her Friday and have already talked to her about 2 job interviews. The first of which is tomorrow afternoon. She is amazing. Wow. In this economy, most staffing places don't have much of anything. It was 3 hours before she had matched me with something. Craziness. In a good way.

Anyway, so I met her Friday, like I mentioned already. My Dad came over to watch Carter and I set out. I was driving along, listening to old Third Eye Blind, when I saw a funky shadow on my steering wheel. I looked around to see what was making it and I saw something in the top corner of my side window. Looked like a fly.. or flying ant ... OH MY GAWD IT'S A HUGE SPIDER!!

Not only was it a spider inches from my head, but it was hanging by a very short web string attached to the top of my window. So it was swinging toward me while I was driving.

I don't know how I didn't run into another car or die. Proof there's a God, I suppose. Because instantly, I started behaving as though my life were in danger... which it was, due to my driving, but that wasn't my thought process. I started screaming and leaning as far away as I could. Which made driving much harder, because I drive a stick. I don't remember looking at the road at all as I searched for something to kill this thing with.

I slipped my heel off and started trying to smash him. I then realized I I didn't want to break my window. Keep in mind, I'm driving through Plano. Stop lights, several lanes, changing speed limits, changing gears, etc. Not good.

I FINALLY found a burp cloth that had fallen out of Carter's diaper bag and smushed the hell out of that massive (tiny) evil spider.

I thought that was going to be a bad sign. I mean, nasty bug tries to attack me on my way to an interview and I almost take out half of Plano trying to defend myself? That can't be good!!

the interview went well. That recruiter is kicking ass for me. I have literally talked to her every day since. Yes, Saturday and Sunday. She isn't wasting any time finding me a job. A good job.

So maybe that spider was GOOD luck. There that morning to bring me good vibes. Sitting practically on my shoulder like the metephoric angels in movies and commercials. And I killed it.

What does that mean?

Wish me luck for my interview tomorrow. Or wish me spiders. Ok, don't wish me spiders. Just the luck will do. :/

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