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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I want my jammies...

I'm wondering if they'll cancel the Plano balloon festival because of rain.  We only have Friday night to go because Trenton goes to his dad's Saturday morning.  I hope they don't.  I want to go.

My head is KILLING me.  I'm snotty and congested and my eyes feel swollen.  My head is on fire and I have a serious headache.  Since I'm here alone at the office (yes, I'm a rockstar that way), I turned out the lights and am sitting in the dark with my blinds drawn.  Lol.

I really like the people I work with.  The girls and I went to Blue Goose for lunch.  It's literally 50 yards from our front door.  Yum.  We chatted about mother-in-laws (I talked about my ex MIL because my present one is so sweet and so far away) and kids and weddings and gold diggers, etc.  Good times.

I like that it's my 3rd day here and I'm trusted enough to be left completely alone.  Not that I would expect them to think me retarded, but... I dunno.

I like that I showed up at 8:30am this morning and the president's wife was the only one here.  She said, "You're early!".  Lol.  There is no "work hours".  No specific this time to this time.  Which is really great.  Flexible.  I don't have to stress over being 10 minutes late.  I get here, I work, the end.  Life is so much simpler that way!  And I do work during the day.  Every day, thus far, I've come in and the hours have just disappeared.  I look at the clock and it's mid afternoon.  Which is awesome.  Because who wants to be bored.  I don't want to sit around and start missing my babies.  I want to stay busy and then miss them on the way home.  So that by the time I get to them, I'm anticipating their smiles, but not heartbrokenly pining them.

Carter is so excited to be home in the afternoons now.  He giggled and played the entire time we were home last night until it was bedtime.  Even in the tub!  He normally hates baths.  But last night, he splashed himself, then splashed me, then giggled and giggled.  He's having fun at school.  I always walk in on him smiling and having a good time.  But I think he genuinely misses us and is glad to be home.  :)

Trenton, on the other hand, keeps getting in trouble.  Talking.  Not following directions.  I swear, I am going to have to go up there and sit in his class and embarass him.  And I will do it, too!!  He is too smart  to be jacking around like that.  He didn't get to go to cub scouts Monday, because he got in trouble at school.  I think I'm going to call his teacher tomorrow and pow wow.  Maybe we can hammer something out that will snap that boy in line.  She may need to borrow my "look".  The one he gets at home that stops him in his tracks, lol.  Works every time.


Stephanie Warner said...

I need to borrow your "look." I have tried many and my 2 year old just laughs. Landry and I have been going round and round this week. I hope it is just a "terrible two" stage and he will snap out of it soon. If not...he is going to be getting more than just a "look!"

me said...

I'm so exctied/jealous of your new job. Yeah! I hope I don't see you talking about Tea Time or breakroom weddings with your new co-workers, but if you do...that's fine. That just means that those girls are almost as cool as me.

Miss You!

KRiSTiN said...

The "look" took years to refine. It was followed up by a smack to the hiney for awhile. So now, it's a promise of what's to come if he doesn't shape up. I haven't smacked his bottom in a very long time, so it works, lol.

I miss you, too, S! 3 o'clock will always be a special time because of you. We have a fancy tea/coffee machine here, too. We can have long distance tea time from time to time. I said "time" way too many TIMES. :)

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