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Thursday, September 03, 2009

That time of year...

My best friend has had a SLEW of medical problems recently.  From back pain to emotional pain and everything in between.  It's had an effect on her job, her marriage, and her relationships with everyone else.  Which sucks and isn't fair.  She is an amazing person and quite frankly, I can't believe she's as great as she having gone through what she did growing up.  Anyway, I spoke with her today and after seeing a doctor (one of many in the last few months), they've discovered a tumor on her liver.  Not word on it's serverity or implications, I'm just asking you keep her in your prayers.  She's a wonderful mother of 2 and wife of her high school sweetheart.  She deserves peace.  She deserves a break from pain.  She deserves your prayers.  So, please, spend 30 seconds praying for her.

:)  Thanks. 

I'm trying to figure out what costume I want to get Carter for halloween.  There are only a couple, 2 MAYBE 3 halloweens that you get to pick your kid's costume.  After 2 years old, they really have their own ideas on what they want to be.  So I'm painstakingly weighing Carter's costume.  It's still warm here in November, so that makes it harder since most costumes can get hot, especially the baby ones. 

Anyway, I've narrowed my choices to 3.  Expensive, yes!  But, so cute, I think they're worth it. 

Polar Bear (How very LOST-ish)
Koala Bear
 Little Lion

Okay, ignore the not cute kid in the lion costume.  Carter is WAY cuter than that kid, so he would look SO much more adorable in it.  Was that wrong to say?  Maybe.  Doesn't make it any less true.  ::Shrugs::


I am leaning toward the lion because Carter roars like a lion.  He mimics his toy that makes lion sounds.  :)  But I love the others and think they are ADORABLE!!  Of course, I will let you know and there will be pictures.

AAAANNNNNDDDDD... while we're talking about halloween and costumes, that transitions well into weirdness.  We've all been to THAT halloween party.  Where weirdness happens.  So, see below...

Check this tattoo out! 

Ladies, can you imagine kissing this guy?!  How friggin' creepy would that be?!?!


me said...

I vote for the Koala bear, but the lion idea is cute considering his roaring and all. I just love Koala bears and want to hug one!

Preston and I talked about Halloween costumes last night! creepy.

I wonder when that guy is 80 if he will have a saggy skull.

KRiSTiN said...

I love the koala, too. It is sooooo hugable!! Maybe I could do something to his sippy cup to make it look like bamboo....

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