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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I wanted to do Cake Smash Pictures with Carter this weekend (1 week before his birthday), but he's sick.  Congested and coughing.  :(  Maybe he'll feel miraculously better in time for me to snap some messy pictures.  :)

Since he got sick during a week neither Scott or I could comfortably take off work, Carter went to stay with Nana and Popaw last night.  He'll stay there until Nana brings him home Friday.  But we won't see him because we have a birthday dinner to attend and he'll be long asleep when we get home.  I hated shipping him off to my parents' house when he doesn't feel good, but I didn't really have any choice.  Work just get in the way, LOL.

I'm kinda excited about spending Halloween at home.  Trenton will be with his Dad and Carter goes to bed at 7pm, so we can light some candles, build a fire and watch scary movies and veg out.  Drink some beer/margaritas and just enjoy the nothingness of no obligations.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good party.  But skipping the Halloween festivities this year is something I can live with.  Last year, I was so very miserably pregnant I couldn't function, but still had to take Trenton to the Halloween Festival at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church.  That involved lots of walking and standing and that was simply horrendous for my 9 month pregnant body complete with swollen like sausages feet.  This year, I don't want to do ANYTHING.

So, Friday, we're going to a birthday dinner for a friend and maybe squeeze in a date night and then Saturday, relaxing and watching my favorite genre of movie.  Perfection.  :)

Enjoy your Spookrific Weekend, friends.  Remember the rules of survival.  Be warned, those of you who dress like skanks.  You're always the first to be killed.  Muhahahahaha!

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