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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick-or-Treatment... breathing treatment...

Firsts are supposed to be special.  Firsts are about pictures and memories and all that fun stuff.  This was Carter's first Halloween.  We didn't really have any huge plans to celebrate it since he can't really trick-or-treat or enjoy a carnival, but I had planned on enjoying the day and relaxing with him.

That didn't happen.

Short story is, when Carter woke up this morning (or technically yesterday, I guess), I brought him downstairs to say good morning to daddy.  In transit, I happened to look at Carter's ear.  It was filled, inside and out, with dried blood.  He wasn't fussy or grouchy.  He was smiley, like he always is when he wakes up himself and gets greeted by his mommy in the morning.  So the blood (there was LOTS of it) was shocking.

He's been congested and coughing since Wednesday, but I didn't think much of it, because I became slightly congested at the exact same time, so my immediate thought was that it was allergies. 

However, we decided at the sight of the blood in his ear, we had to take him to the after hours pediatrician.  More than just allergies were at work here.  When I was younger (6 or 8?) my ear drum ruptured.  I can still remember what that sounded like.  Weird what you remember isn't it?  Like a loud whisper or shush.  Like a waterfall that also has large rocks tumbling over the falls onto more rocks below.  Anyway, seeing the blood gave a pretty good indication, that the same had happened to him. 

What we assumed would be a 30-40 minute doctor visit that ended with an ear drops prescription, became a long, emotionally draining almost 3 hour appointment. 

They poked and proded for a bit and decided to take an x-ray of his chest and lungs.  Which sounded innocent enough.  Until you got in the room.  Have you ever seen a pigg-o-stat?  That's the torture device they used to take the x-ray.  Horrible.  I didn't take pictures, because I was in a lead gown and being forced to help torture my son.  But here's some internet pictures of the thing they put him in. 

Carter screamed.  SCREAMED.  And I had to stand there and hold his hands still over his head.  Then they turned him to get a side picture.  So he was facing me.  Looking me in the eye and crying and all I did was restrain him.  He had, "Help me!" in his eyes and I had to just ignore it.  At that point, it seemed like the nurses were taking their damn time taking the pictures and I fought, seriously fought, not to tell them to hurry the hell up if they didn't want to add another screaming person to the room's list.

The next few hours was filled with multiple exams by multiple doctores, finger pricks, 2 seperate shots of antibiotics, a breathing treatment, checking for reactions to the medicine, etc.

The verdict?  RSV, pnuemonia in his right lung, ear infections in both ears, and a ruptured ear drum in his right ear.


We finally left with 3 prescriptions and no energy.  Carter was so exhausted.  He fell asleep in my arms for about 5 minutes before Scott tried to lie him on the crinkley paper bench.  That didn't go over well.  So add sleep deprieved to lil' bits day and that about does it.

He has to have breathing treatments every 4 hours.  5 drops of something in his ruptured ear.  He's taking an oral antibiotic, as well.  And tylenol for fever and pain.

Happy First Halloween, Carter.  This isn't at all what mommy had in mind. 


Alyssa said...

Oh my God!! Poor baby!!! I would be an emotional mess too. :-( Well, he will be getting lots better once he gets all the medicine in his system. That makes me sad and now I can't get that torture device out of my head :-( Hope it doesn't scar him for life!! Oh the stuff us mom's think of!!

KRiSTiN said...

It was horrible! I, as an adult, wouldn't want to be in a grownup version of that thing. Blah!

The Barbers said...

This makes me so sad Durb.... I mean, HEART BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, and I thought my 3 days in teh hospital with T and an IV in his head was bad....ugh... I am so sorry. That picture of that device was VERY unsettling..... :(

Jenny Misslin said...

So sorry your little guy has been so sick. You are one tough lady!

Dawn Renee said...

I'm clausterphobic just looking at that machine! good grief! You are one tough Mom! I hope he's feeling better!

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