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Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Forecast: Miss You with a Chance of Mopey.

I'll leave work tonight and go pick up Carter. We'll go to the store and get diapers and then come on home. To an empty and dark house. :(

Scott is taking Trenton to Boy Scout Camp this weekend. They'll be fishing, singing, playing, learning, exploring, etc. until they get home Sunday afternoon. Makes me sad. I'm used to them. I fear I'll get lonely. Which is silly. Pre-Scott, this was my daily routine with Trenton. We lived alone in an apartment. Just the 2 of us. Every day. But he was 2. He could talk. Carter can't. I'll have no one to talk back to me this weekend. ::Sigh::

I guess Carter and I can catch up on my shows. I can do some laundry. Maybe shop for some flooring for the kitchen. Maybe I'll even get started!

But I will miss Trenton and Scott. I don't know that I've spent 2 nights away from Scott since we moved in together. Maybe we have, but nothing comes to mind. While I'm looking forward to the extra bed space, I don't know how well I'll sleep without the snoring. ::Snicker::

I think my mother might come over tomorrow, bearing the gift of muscle relaxers for the immense pain that's been in my neck for 3 days now. So that'll break things up. But.. I think I may be THAT woman. The one who doesn't know what to do without all her kids or husband. Gross. I don't wanna be her. :/

The only positive, is that I may have some cute pictures when the boys get back. That and they'll be no one here to force 24/7 football watching.

But I'll probably need to shop in order to feel better. :)

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