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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prepping for such a happy/sad day...

Carter's birthday. One year old. Wild. The cliche "time flies" just doesn't convey how quickly the time goes. I guess when you have kids, you're so busy laughing, worrying, teaching, watching, and truly EXPERIENCING... that the days start slipping away with a hastiness that you don't expect.

I can remember thinking I'd NEVER get out of school. That high school would never end. I remember graduation night, sitting there with my friends and boyfriend, thinking that I had fought through and ETERNITY of school and that the expansion of time ahead seemed endless. A forever-ness of years went by and I found myself expecting my first child at 21. It's like someone fast forwarded my life. I'm 28. Holding baby Trenton right after he was born could have been yesterday. Having kids sucks you into some wild time warp, I think.

Carter is almost 1. How does a year go by so quickly? Why can't they stay little? Why are the toothless smiles and snuggly baby naps so fleeting?


Shopping for party things for Carter's Big ONE has made me wistful and sad. :/

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