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Monday, October 12, 2009

"We've got a small problem... and it's a BIG one!"

I love Futurama.  Pure genius.  I revert to random quotes when I am too tired/lazy/etc to think of blog titles.

It's after 2am and I am wide awake.  Partly because my husband's snoring sounds like the civil war canons you see on tv.  Geez.  And partly because after Carter kept me up last night, I was so exhausted I slept in this morning.  By the way, thanks to the canon blaster for making that possible.  :)

It was a good day.  We (Scott) moved the furniture around in Trenton's room.  This was no easy feat.  Trenton has a solid wood bunkbed with a desk and dresser underneath.  None of that minimalist, cheap ikea crap (although I love ikea).  Solid, heavy wood.  I went through his toy box and tossed of that crap out.  He has zillions of little McDonalds toys and such that he never played with.  Ugh!  Just needed to GO!  So hurray for that! 

Since Carter's school is closed Monday (today) for training or something, I asked my parents to watch Carter and we decided it'd be best if he just spent the night.  So I packed him up and shipped him off.  Only to find out tonight that I have the day off Monday.  For Columbus day or something ridiculous like that.  Whatever.  So I sent him off for no reason, lol. 

But it did give Trenton and I some alone time together.  Scott went to some random friend of his' house to watch some football game or another.  So Trenton and I bundled up and went out in the rain for dinner.  We decided Sonic would be fun.  So we sat in the car, in the rain and ate dinner.  I left him crawl into the front passenger seat so we could eat together.  Then we ordered ice cream and told knock knock jokes.  Trenton's jokes go something like this:

T: knock knock
Me: who's there?
T: a crazy raccoon who likes to eat grass.

You have to laugh because it's so random.  WAY funnier than any "real" knock knock joke. 

We played some Ben 10 computer games and then watched a cartoon before he went to bed.  It was fun.  I wouldn't trade Scott or Carter for anything in the universe, but the years I had alone with Trenton were so special.  I miss them sometimes.  It was so much harder and so much easier at the same time.  If that makes any sense.  :) 

Happy Random Holiday for the Benefit of Bank Employees and Postal Workers Day!  (and me, too, I guess, lol)

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