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Friday, November 06, 2009

A Lost Lost Tooth

When I went to pick Trenton up from school today, he proudly announced that he got a "purple" (that's good).  While he was speaking, something seemed.. not quite right.  I told him to show me his teeth... actually I think I grabbed his face and said, "Where's your tooth?!".  He just giggled with an, "Oh yeah... that" grin.  He lost it at school! 

Not only did he lose it... but he lost it.  It's gone.  :/ Nothing to put under his pillow.  Ugh!  He was showing it off to his friends apparently and then he claims that it disappeared.  Sooo, ew.  :)

However, I told him that MAYBE if he leaves the Tooth Fairy a note telling her what happened, she might understand and leave him something anyway.  The note he wrote is SO cute.  He even drew a picture of a tooth and said, "It looked like this..." 

I guess we'll see what she decides.  :)  Big day tomorrow!  Trenton's first Tooth Fairy experience and Carter's first birthday.  I'm emotionally exhausted already!


1 comment:

Alyssa said...

Awwww Happy 1st Birthday Carter :-)

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