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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Special Macy's Thanksgiving Day Blog...

:/  Okay, it's just my non-special, regular blog.  I falsely advertised.  No balloons or bands or lip-syncing wannabe pop stars here.  Sorry. 

::Sigh::  One year ago.  Thanksgiving 2008.  Carter was 3 weeks old and we went to Black Eyed Pea because I was exhausted and didn't want to do anything or travel with the baby.  Look at that tiny dark haired thing.  Amazing the changes a year brings.  :)

Trenton's with his dad, but the rest of us, Scott, Carter & I, hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.  :)

We went to Black Eyed Pea again this year, but it's really because I'm just tired all the time these days.  I didn't feel great last night and Carter was having some tummy trouble.  Then I didn't have the stuff to make the chocolate egg nog marble pie, so we just stayed home, hung out on the couch and watched football.

I didn't make the trip to see my extended family and I paid for it.  Dearly.  When it came time for dessert at BEP, our (horrible/high/drunk/idiot) waitress came back to tell me that they didn't have any APPLE pie.  Then stood there struggling to remember what the pie I ordered was called.  :/  But they had a modified holiday menu with only 2 desserts and my husband ordered and got the other, a cobbler, it was obvious that I was getting no pumpkin pie. 

THEN, Scott attempted to stop at 2 different grocery stores to just BUY me a pumpkin pie, but we got there at 4:02 and 4:04 pm.  They closed at 4 pm.  So that didn't work out all that well for me.  I really wanted some, but alas, there was none to be purchased.

Other than that, it was a really nice and relaxing day.  Now, I just have to get up at 2:15 am to go to Old Navy and get the boys some winter clothes.  Yes, I realize it's insane, but it's in the name of thriftiness.  I am unemployed, after all.  :/


I tried to take a decent picture of the 3 of us... but that didn't work out well, lol. 

I have crazy, I'll-kill-you eyes. 

Scott and Carter, being clones, have the same tilted head look.  :/

Forget it.  I'll cut a person out.

Time to take a picture with Mommy?  No, time to spaz out!

Carter wanted was determined to play with his sock instead of humor me with a picture.


Still just laughing at the sock, but whatever, I'll take it.  :D

Sock Mustache

"I have sock breath, but I'm still soooo handsome!"

"And I can share!  You can have my sock now!"

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 

Enjoy your family, food, football, and naps.  :)


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