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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tick Tock to Party Time...

This is the longest day ever.  So I'm passing the time inside my head by thinking about the people I would staff if I had an endless amount of money.

Nanny (and she will be old and ugly.  I've seen The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.  I'm not dumb!)
Bartender (because I will have a pub in my house if I ever get rich, lol)
Personal Trainer
Someone to wash my hair  (because that's the best part of a haircut)
Personal shopper (for shopping for the stuff that isn't fun to buy... like groceries)

I'm so excited about Carter's party!  It's going to be small and low key.  I can't wait to see the cake!  It's 2 layers, the top layer being what we'll give Carter to eat on his own.  It's being made by a girlfriend of mine.  She made Trenton's birthday cake (pictures in my June blog archive) and it was SO great.  Better than I could have hoped for.  And really inexpensive as far as these things go.  Here's her website:


The pictures on there don't do her cakes justice.  I've seen several in person.  ADORABLE!!  Call her up next time you want a super cute cake without the ridiculous prices.  :)

As far as food goes, Carter loves subway, lol.  He eats the bread like no ones business, so I may have them cater the party.  It's the little things.  :)

Gifts are bought.  I need to open some of them and then put them in a bag.  Nothing is as boring as opening a toy you can't play with immediately.  And what kid wants to wait?!  So getting a couple "play ready" is a good idea.

I've got a birthday dog, a stuffed toy, for all the guests to sign, too.  It's actually the exact same style of dog that Trenton had at his first birthday party.  So that's fun.  One major difference?  Nana's signature won't be on Carter's.  She won't be at the party.

No, I didn't stone her or curse at her when I found out.  She's doing her Breast Cancer Walk that weekend and will be in the throughs of blisters and a good cause, so I can't be mad.  She did her part.  She bought Carter's gifts to send with Papaw, lol.  And she's doing her part to save boobies everywhere, so go Nana/Mom.


A whole year.  Where did it go?!  My teeny dark-haired baby boy is now a babbling blond clone of his father.  And I can't even be mad about there not being any of me in his looks because he so danged handsome!!


1 comment:

Carol said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Hold good thoughts for me this weekend and I will do the same for you guys who get the joy of being at the party. Happy Birthday little bug!!

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