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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trenton's Trauma

Wednesdays, Trenton's dad picks him up and takes him to dinner.  Per the custody agreement, he has one night a week with Trenton so they go do dinner on Wednesdays.  He then drops T off at the door and normally, we never see his dad.  He just goes on his way after Trenton walks in the front door.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, last night our front door was unlocked for some reason.  And I wasn't home and Scott worked until 6 then went to the grocery store.  Trenton's dad dropped him off at 5.

To an empty house.

Thinking Trenton was with his dad, I stopped with Carter to eat dinner with Scott at his work since he wouldn't be home in time to say goodnight to Carter.

I pulled up in the driveway a little after 6 and saw his little head in the back window.  I was instantly irritated that my ex was in our house.

When I walked in, Trenton was visibly upset.  Near tears.  Trying not to cry, but not succeeding.  It was SOOO sad.  He told me he'd been sitting by the window waiting for me to come back.  He was scared.  None of the lights were on except the lamp in the living room, so that's where he stayed because it had gotten dark. Turning on the tv in there requires the receiver being on the right channel and the direct tv box being on and it's new, so he didn't know how to use it.  So he just sat by himself in the dark.

I made a call to make sure it didn't happen again.  Then I let Trenton talk to his dad.  Trenton let him know how upset he was at being abandoned, lol.  Then Trenton and I discussed how his daddy hadn't done it on purpose and how important it was to alway make sure the doors are locked.

Poor thing.

I called Scott and made him bring home some ice cream for Trenton.

What a night!  I'm just glad he didn't get hurt.  I wish he hadn't been so scared.  :(



Stephanie Warner said...

ahhhh girl....I got teary eyed reading this. poor little guy. accidents like this happen though. i am glad he is ok! :)

Carol said...

That made me cry! Give Trenton a BIG Nana hug. I have to see him soon!

snpdragn said...

Oh no! I'd have cried with him.
Still, what a big boy he was and it sounds like you handled it the right way.

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