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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch-Cheese! ::Shivers::

Not realizing how cold it was going to be this morning, my mom came over and we took some pictures for my last minute Christmas Card.  Shiver Me Long Johns, it was cold.  I'd been outside.  I ran out to the car a couple of times and it didn't seem that chilly.  It felt "cool".  Until we go to the park.  In the wind.  And I was out there longer than 20 seconds. 

Carter kept his coat on the entire time and Trenton put his on between pictures.  With it being cold, and windy, and Carter being tired, and Trenton wanting to look at everything EXCEPT the camera, I think we got some cute pictures.  Thanks for helping me out, Mom!  And thanks to my Dad for leaping around like a loon in public to try to make Carter look at the camera, lol. 

We finished this session in record time in order to get back in the car, lol.  The promise of food and hot coffee at McDonalds sounded like a luxury the longer we were there.  :)

They look a little fuzzy on the blog.  Not sure why, because they look great in the file on my computer, but whatev. 

Have you all heeded my "Websites You Should Check Out?"  Santa got an AWESOME gift off Woot the other day.  Some days, they have really great stuff, super inexpensive.  Worth at least checking it once a day.  One day deals is the whole premise.  Just a thrifty thought.  :)


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De!dre said...

What is that on Scott's face?! haha

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