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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chuck E. Cheap

I found these Chuck E. Cheese coupons online and thought I'd share with my mama friends. 


I'm going to use the 100 tokens for $10 over the Christmasbreak.  Yes, I plan on braving the nightmare of crazed kids outta school.  For $10, it's worth it!  That's a budget I can work with.  Especially since Trenton just plays on the jungle gym things for hours after his tokens are gone.  That's a whole day, right there.  :)

Tomorrow morning, I have a 2nd interview for a job I'm pretty interested in and then that afternoon is Trenton's school Christmas party.  I volunteered to help.. kinda, lol.  So that will be interesting.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do and his teacher didn't respond either time I asked what I could bring.  ::Shrugs::  Then I'm hoping to get to take the boys to dinner and then to look at Christmas lights tomorrow night, but we'll see.  My husband likes to ruin things like this by eating lunch at 3 o'clock so dinner rolls around and he isn't hungry.  He doesn't seem to get that going to dinner as a family is stupid when someone just sits there and doesn't participate.  So maybe, maybe not.


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