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Saturday, December 12, 2009

High Tech Santa & Trenton is Hollywood bound!!

Trenton is a filmmaker!!!! He's favorite cartoon is Ben 10. Ben is a kid who turns into aliens. So we made this stop action movie using that feature on my camera... amist bumping of the camera, Carter stealing the characters and then kicking the camera, etc. But it was fun to make. For both Trenton and I.

Movie notes: Big Chill flies around, turns into Humugasaur who walks towards the camera and back, then turns BACK into Big Chill who then picks up and throws Gwen. Greatness.

The flying around is my favorite. Big Chill tied to a string with Trenton's legs in the shot.


Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing!!  Trenton loved this... and was SO excited that Santa had recorded this just for him.  :)  He told Scott all about it.  And as far as the secret about how reindeer fly, the secret is safe, because when he told Scott that Santa had told him how and Scott asked about it, Trenton told him he couldn't tell because the "secret was safe" with him, lol.


Carter got one, too!  Slightly different because he's younger.  :)


Thanks Alyssa for showing me how to get in touch with Santa so he could do this!!  :)


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