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Sunday, December 13, 2009

More of the usual

My ex husband is being an ass.  Demanding that I change Trenton's school because of the trouble he got into last week.  That I get him away from the "Mexicans" and "Ghetto Trash".  Yeah, he's a real treasure.  Oh, and this is after he forgot to pick Trenton up this morning.  Supposed to be here at 10am.  I finally called at 11:30am.  Left a message.  He called back at 12:30pm with that voice that you only have when you first wake up.  Showed up around 1:15pm.  Dropping him off is when the threatening to get a lawyer involved to force me to take Trenton to a different school happened. 

I'm as glad as I am sick that Trenton has no idea his father is such an incredibly self righteous prick.

Obviously, I was more than upset when he left.  Then in an attempt to vent, I tried talking to my husband about it.  However, 30 seconds in, he declared the conversation over.  Completely ignored that I needed to talk about it.  Thanks for being there and all that.  Not that I was surprised.  Pretty much par for the course as far as how much my feeling matter.  So I have no where to go.  Nowhere to vent. 
Which is completely stupid, because that's what this blog was created for.  To give me an outlet since I don't have one otherwise.  Except then my husband complained about it and started telling everyone how I constantly "bitched" about him in my blog.  As if my blog isn't MINE.  So I started keeping all my frustation and all my anger and hurt to myself. 

But I'm tired of that.  I'm tired of so.many.things. 


1 comment:

Charlya said...

Hang in there girl! You're in my thoughts

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